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September 9th Fitness Fact:

More muscle mass = burning more fat while resting

Are you someone that goes to the gym focusing strictly on cardio? Do you rely on your cardio workouts to be your only source of burning calories? Adding strength training to your daily workouts can benefit you more throughout the day.  I’m not saying go and lift so heavy that your are uncomfortable or feel you may become “bulky”. But toning your muscles will actually increase the amount of calories you burn each day.  It is estimated that muscle tissue contributes to approximately 20% of your total daily caloric burn versus the 5% for fat tissue (for individuals with around 20% body fat).  There are other factors that contribute towards your metabolism as well, such as sex, age, fitness level, activity level, and more.

 Are you now wondering whether or not to add strength training into your routine to increase your fat loss? The answer is, YES!!!! You may not only burn as many calories during the workout but you will be improving other areas of of your life as well.

-YMCA Personal Trainer Jenny Blume


September 16th Fitness Fact:

Reasons an athlete needs strength and conditioning training


No matter the sport or your fitness level, strength and conditioning is an important part of your exercise routine.  There are many benefits to this type of training for athletes that you may not even realize yet.  Strength and conditioning helps each athlete to strengthen their supporting muscles for the sport they play, even helping with muscle imbalances.  It can also help with maintaining correct posture, stabilizing their joints, and enhancing their coordination.  Specifically it is meant to increase muscle strength along with increasing their muscle endurance.  


You may hear trainers use words like anterior and posterior chain exercises.  Those are terms that can be simplified into muscles located towards the front(anterior) of our bodies and muscles located along the back(posterior) of the body.  It is imperative to keep these muscle balanced to prevent injury and balanced.


Unilateral and bilateral are other ways an athlete can train.  This involves sometimes using dumbbells instead of a barbell for things like a bench press or shoulder press.  Training only one side of the body at a time would be called unilateral training meaning that either the right or left side is doing all of the movement.  Bilateral training is where both sides of the body would complete the exercise allowing the more dominant side to help assist the weaker side of the body.  Knowing when to use each type of training is key to keeping a well balanced strength.  


Sport specific training is important for every athlete to help improve their performance and stay healthy. With proper training an athlete can start to see physical growth, safety, performance longevity, and athletic ability.

                                    -YMCA Personal Trainer Jenny Blume


                           September 23rd Fitness Fact:


                                            Form Vs. Weight


Let’s talk about why making sure your form is correct before we increase weight when you strength train. 


Straight to the point is that form MATTERS.  It’s the most important thing to consider when training in the gym.  Your goal is to avoid injury and maximize gains; good form helps with both of those.  Understanding the ground rules for good form can come from speaking to the trainers in your fitness center. They are trained to correct poor form and help you reach your strength goals. Understand that just because you are lifting smaller weights doesn’t mean you are sacrificing your strength goals. It just means that you are setting the building blocks to for the targeted muscles you are working. Only increase your weights once you’ve master your form because long term injuries aren’t worth it.


                                             -YMCA Personal Trainer Jenny Blume